Lower North Island

The lower Central North Island has a number of excellent rivers including the large and well known Rangatikei River. Generally this region tends to be lowland type rivers and streams running through farm land providing excellent brown trout fishing and dry fly opportunities.

The Wairarapa region fishery is dominated by a major river system, the Raumahunga River and a number of sensational wilderness headwater rivers emanating from the Taurarua mountains. Northern Wairarapa has a number of lowland streams that are renowned for their dry fly fishing.

All the members listed on this web site have the following vital accreditations:

  • Current  first aid certificate
  • DOC Concession to guide on the DOC estate
  • Audited Health & Safety Plan
  • Public liability insurance

Derek Nees

Derek is based in Wellington and fishes the many rivers close to our capital city. Contact Derek via telephone him on :+64 7 384 2080

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