The Canterbury region is the oasis of salmon fishing in New Zealand. The long and unique braided rivers such as the Rakaia and Waimakariri Rivers provide anglers with endless kilometres of prime salmon water to explore.  The wild Chinook (King) Salmon averaging 15lb, begin entering the braided rivers in November, beginning their migrational run upriver. For many local anglers this signals the start of an obsession referred to as ‘salmon fever’.

Salmon continue to run throughout the fishing season until the end of April. Clusters of silhouetted fisherman are a common sight in the early morning light along Canterbury’s braided rivers, all casting their spinning rods or swinging flies in hope of hooking one of these highly prized freshwater fish.

Ben Haywood

With the rugged Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand as a magnificent backdrop, enjoy catching wild Chinook (King) salmon averaging between 5kg (12lb) and 11kg (25lb) in the very scenic and unique braided rivers of Canterbury.

Canterbury is the main salmon fishing destination in New Zealand and a haven for salmon fishing trips, with the top 4 plentiful rivers less than 90 minutes from Christchurch International Airport. The salmon arrive from the Pacific Ocean and begin their spawning run, usually starting in November and continuing to run through until approximately the end of April.  

Your fishing guide, Ben Haywood, is based in Christchurch and specialises in catching Chinook salmon on both light spin tackle and the fly. He offers tailor made single and multi-day fishing trips suitable for all abilities. Ben prides himself on delivering an outstanding fishing experience to remember. He uses his extensive knowledge to locate prime salmon holding water which ultimately gives clients the optimum chance of successfully hooking salmon. Contact Ben on +64 22 323 3966.

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