Central North Island, Taupo & Turangi

The Taupo / Turangi region is world famous for having the largest fresh water lake in the Southern Hemisphere. Surrounded by the volcanoes of the central north island, the Tongariro National Park and the Kaimanawa Mountains the region is a very popular outdoor recreation area.

In the summer the Central North Island is popular with anglers because of the great wilderness rivers accessible by helicopter such as the Rangitikei, Ngaraoroa and the Mohaka which provide world-class dry fly and cicada fishing.

In the winter "Steelhead" trout run the rivers in large numbers and rivers such as the Tongariro river are very popular with fisherman. Made famous by anglers such as Zane Grey and the Queen Mother this region is a popular fishing destination with lots of fishing lodges and guides.

All the members listed on this web site have the following vital accreditations:

  • Current  first aid certificate
  • DOC Concession to guide on the DOC estate
  • Audited Health & Safety Plan
  • Public liability insurance

Peter Wilton

Peter can be reached via email or phone + 64 7 377 2247

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Duncan McDonald

Duncan operates out of the Taupo region. Being based in Central North Island gives his clients many opportunities to access the many rivers that feed Lake Taupo. The hills are a small drive away, including National Park, Kaimanawa's and the Urewera's. Access into these amazing mountain regions can be done by 4wd, Helicopter and by raft by arrangement. Central North Island provides fantastic adventures all year round, whether the dry fly for big browns and rainbow trout in the hills, or winter spawning runs in the Taupo catchment. Duncan is also a chef by trade which is handy for those camp outs and over nighters in huts. Duncan has all the gear that you will need to enjoy your adventure. Patients is also one of his virtues, so being a absolute beginner is not a problem.

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Steve Yerex

Steve Yerex has been fly fishing in the Central North Island for fifteen years. Based in Taupo, he specialises in Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout fly fishing, both summer dry fly action and winter steelhead runs. He is able to provide back country heli fishing, and as a senior trip leader single or multi-day raft fishing trips, as well as wade fishing. He can provide riverside accommodation on the Tauranga-Taupo River, and can supply all equipment as needed. Beginners and knowledgeable fisherman alike will enjoy the experience.

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Kunio Onishi

When was the last time he didn't fish?? Kunio is based in the central North Island, and is one of the most passionate flyfishers and fly tiers known. He was born in Japan, spent most of his 20's discovering new water and great locations in New Zealand and ultimately decided to put down roots in Taupo. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and the latest techniques to catch the fish of your dreams.  Choose from local-easy-access rivers, wilderness fishing to helicopter fishing...From half a day of fun to multi day camping adventures, all can be tailored to your special requests. He is also known as a master of Skagit and Scandi casting with 2 handed rods. If you would like to reach another world of fly fishing...swinging big flies on the big rivers like Tongariro, he is the man to contact! Telephone: + 64 7 378 9366

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Paul McDonald

Paul guides around the Waikato/King Country areas and specializes in chasing backcountry Rainbow and Brown trout in some amazing locations around the central North Island. These beautiful waters can be accessed by 4×4 motor vehicle, helicopter and raft. Paul is based in National Park in the off season he can found guiding and hosting trips to unique overseas locations. Telephone: +64 21 6060 106

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Tim Mc Carthy

Tim is Tongariro Lodge's head guide. Tim has guided for 27 years in the central North Island and Taupo fishery. Prior to this time Tim worked in a fly fishing shop in Turangi. Tim regularly fly fishes internationally. Tongariro Lodge has provided the ultimate New Zealand fly fishing and lodge experience for 25 years. The Lake Taupo watershed and top wilderness rivers and streams in the central North Island are Tim's and Tongariro Lodge's speciality. Tim and Tongariro Lodge Guides provide 4x4, helicopter, raft and boat access to over 30 rivers and 4 lakes and together they are recognised as one of the most experienced and well known guiding operations in New Zealand.

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Russell Anderson

You can contact Russell via his website or telephone +64 27 221 4321.

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Stephen Sprague

Fishy Steve’s fly fishing guide service located in Lake Taupo, New Zealand. A professional fly fishing guide and specialist instructor – from fly fishing tuition with beginners keen to learn, to full on back country missions for the already keen fly anglers. Let Fishy Steve hook you up with the best of the regions wild Brown and Rainbow trout on the beautiful rivers of New Zealand.

In addition to the Taupo Region, Fishy Steve guides fly fishing adventures in some of the stunning back country of Aotearoa. Telephone: +64 7 378 2192

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David Wood

David Wood is based in the central North Island. This location gives him a wide range of opportunities for his clients. From fishing the multitude of rivers that feed Lake Taupo with it’s large Rainbows and unbelievable river run Browns, to Mountain river and stream fishing in the Kaimaniwa’s, Urewera’s and Kaweka’s. These crystal clear blue ribbon waterways are accessed by 4X4, Raft, or Helicopter. You can expect to encounter the "water of dreams", with opportunities to cast to truly magnificent fish in an area of unspoiled splendour. Backcountry overnight trips a speciality. Outfitting and a range of accommodation available.

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Jim Rainey

Jim lives in Mangaweka, Central North Island and guides the world famous Rangitikei River and it’s many tributaries. Green Trout Guiding offers on-foot, rafted and heli-fishing guided options. Jim also offers overnight /multi day rafted fishing trips. A satellite phone is carried on all back-country trips to ensure availability of communication.Jim is a qualified Grade 3 river guide and has rafted these rivers extensively for over 20 years.

Jim has been fly fishing for 30 years and guiding for the last 20 years. He enjoys the opportunity to show visitors the beautiful rivers we have at our back door. Sight fishing to browns and rainbows with a dry fly is the ultimate experience for Jim and he is very keen to take you to those fish.  Telephone : + 64 6 382 5507

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Peter Evans

Pete has been a passionate fisherman and hunter all his life and for the last five years has turned his love for the outdoors into a profession. Pete gets huge satisfaction out of seeing others enjoy the challenge of trout fishing in our lakes, rivers and streams and is fortunate to live in an area that has a diverse range of waterways that suit all levels of expertise.  All tackle is supplied and accommodation arranged if required. Telephone + 64 226 005 783

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Brett Cameron

Brett Cameron has been a full time guide since 2005.  He is based in Taupo - offering a full guiding service including an optional fishing cabin with stunning views over Lake Taupo. Brett provides all the fishing gear and refreshments, and offers trips from 1/2, 3/4 and full day fly fishing/ helifishing/ to multiday adventures in and around the Taupo region and caters for the novice angler through to seasoned fly fisherman. In addition to fly fishing on the rivers Brett also has a charter boat ‘MAVERICK’ which is based on Lake Taupo.

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Chris Brennan

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Sean Andrews

Sean specialises in multi day fly fishing expeditions into the National and Forest Parks of the Central North Island. Guiding the remote rivers and streams of New Zealand's pristine wilderness he caters for the intrepid angler looking for bespoke fly fishing adventures . Telephone :+64 21 041 3730 

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Leon McCarthy

I became a fly fishing guide in 1995-97 whilst working at the Waitahanui Lodge, Lake Taupo.I enjoy guiding all of the famous Taupo rivers, or going backcountry into our beautiful Parks and Mountain ranges. Like the Kawekas, Kaimanawas, Ureweras, Ahimanawas or whereever is going to give people the best experience. I make my own flies, i have designed my own patterns and have tied commercially. I have flyfished overseas in North California, British Columbia, and Alaska. I continue guiding because i enjoy the beautiful locations, meeting people, helping them enjoy their fly fishing more and making them happy.

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Craig Aspinall

On leaving school I trained as a carpenter in Wellington, when work moved me to Taupo for a few building projects. Then in the late 80s, I teamed up with my brother Mark Aspinall to guide in the Taupo region. After building up my guiding experience my brother introduced me to Poronui lodge in the early 90s where now I do the bulk of my guiding during the summer fishing season. I am currently the longest serving guide at Poronui and enjoy seeing my repeat clients each season. I have always been loyal to my brother's guiding business where I occasionally team up with him to do some local guiding and back country fishing trips with his clients. We look forward to continuing to do for many years. When I am not working I enjoy: fly tying ,sea fishing,trout fishing, diving and keeping fit.

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Brian Willson

Fishing has been a passion of mine for more than 50 years. During that time I have had some wonderful experiences fishing Lake Taupo and the rivers and streams that flow into it. I am here to share my experience and love of fishing with you. Catering for all levels, from beginner to experienced fisherman, I am able to tailor a fishing experience that best suits you. My wife Sharen and I also offer homestay accommodation at our large modern home in Rangatira Park, close to Taupo town centre. Introducing others to fishing and sharing some of the great local spots I have found over the years is something I really enjoy. I look forward to taking you on a memorable day of fishing in this most beautiful part of New Zealand. For more information about me and how you can have a wonderful outdoors experience click on the link below to go to my web site or call me free on 0800 110 575. Tight lines! Brian Willson

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Alex Waller

I love fly fishing. In fact, I live to fish!

I’ve fished since I was a kid and my grandad and I taught ourselves to cast a fly rod in the back garden when I was around twelve years old. The passion and love for fishing that we both shared still burns bright within me and still drives me to this day.

I’m based in Taupo, in the middle of the North Island and have spent my time exploring the endless backcountry lakes and rivers that surround me. I’m constantly looking for that ultimate sight fishing experience! I love nothing more than dropping off the grid, finding those places that people don’t go and then pitting my wits against the fish that live there.

More recently, I have turned my attention to salt water and am one of a handful of obsessed fishos that have been spending their time discovering the untapped potential of flats fishing for yellow tail kingfish.

When I’m not out on the water, you will be able to find me at the vice tying flies and editing photos. So, whether you want to stalk big trout in a gin clear river or feel the untamed power of a Kingfish as it peels off towards the ocean, I can put you right amongst the action. 

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Bryce Curle

With a life time of fishing experience Bryce Curle has turned his passion in to his occupation and has been a full time professional trout fishing guide for the last ten years, based in the Taupo/Turangi region Bryce fishes the Taupo tributaries and the numerous Central North Island streams and rivers, either by 4x4 vehicle, 4x4 quad bike or helicopter, from one day to multi-day camp-outs, all quality equipment is supplied if required and Bryce can cater for the novice to the experienced angler. Telephone: +64 7 386 6813

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Anthony Fullerton-Smith

You can contact Anthony via his email williamfullertonsmith@yahoo.co.nz or mobile +64 2040271914

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